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Life Insurance

Most people put off getting the amount of life insurance they need until it may not help them at all. When they are young, they have other bills that seem a higher priority, and when they are older, they find the policies are far more expensive because they are older and have more health problems.

At Robert Guerrero Insurance Services, we want to help you learn about different types of life insurance so that you can make the best decision for yourself and your family. If you live in California, we can help you compare different policies and show you how they can help you with your personal circumstances.

Choosing the Amount You Need

You will need to take many factors into account, such as your age, whether you are married and whether you have or intend to have children. You also need to consider your assets, and how much you will need to provide for your loved ones. 

If you don't have enough life insurance, you could leave them without the help they need if you pass on before your time. If you purchase too much life insurance, you could end up being overextended and paying more than you should. We can help you evaluate your needs and circumstances to find the right balance.

Different Kinds of Life Insurance

You will also need to choose between term and permanent life insurance. Term life insurance provides death benefits but is only valid during the specified time period, and when that time period is up, the insurance policy is over.

Permanent life insurance, or cash value life insurance, provides death benefits but also has a cash accumulation value. The person paying premiums pays more in the early years, but the policy accrues interest and may be cashed out.

A life insurance policy can also have certain tax protections in California. If you would like to discuss our life insurance options so that you can leave your family protected when you're gone, call Robert Guerrero Insurance Services today.

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