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Commercial Insurance

At Robert Guerrero Insurance Services, we specialize in a diverse selection of the finest commercial insurance services and coverage options that meet all of the California state coverage requirements.

There's no question that state commercial insurance regulations provide guidelines designed to protect your employees and your business. To cite one example, the California Labor Code, filed under Section 3700, is a state-mandated insurance requirement for commercial firms. This insurance provides workers with compensation benefits for employee-related injuries, and/or any work-related illnesses. This type of commercial insurance can help to cover lost wages as well as various medical and pharmaceutical expenses that may arise as a result of the circumstances. Additionally, workers comp also deters employees from suing their employers for the covered injuries or illnesses.

Robert Guerrero Commercial Insurance Services

One of the steps that we highly recommend is to schedule a convenient client meeting for a proactive review of the client's existing commercial insurance plans along with any insurance challenges they may be facing that are not covered. 

To give you an idea of the type of review we're talking about, for some reason many business owners don't purchase storm insurance. This can be a very costly decision. Depending on the intensity of the storm, it can be brutal and costly.

Another type of commercial insurance that many business owners neglect is a data breach. If your firm is storing files on behalf of clients whether the files are in a locked storage facility, or on the cloud, if the files are hacked, your firm will be responsible. When IBM Security recently conducted a data breach analysis, the global findings revealed that the average data breach cost is currently $3.60 plus million.

We're here to help you protect your employees and your business. Please contact us for a meeting, or to discuss any questions that you might have. We can be reached at (559)-683-3276.

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