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California is coveted for more reasons than one. Not only is the Golden State a major tourist attraction, but the region also has sunny days that overshadows inclement weather. Robert Guerrero Insurance Services can help you find the perfect policy to protect your home in California. 

What does the average homeowners' insurance policy cover?

There are essentially two parts to a homeowners' indemnity policy in the Golden State. These include:

You should not view the above elements of homeowners' insurance as greater than or inferior to each other. In fact, you may find that full protection only comes when both property and liability coverages are in place. 

More about property coverage

Dwelling property coverage is a standard element attached to a good homeowner's indemnity policy. An assurance company typically pays for damages caused by a fire not caused by arson or natural disaster if such peril is listed in the plan. Fires caused by high winds, along with earthquakes, are only covered by an indemnity company if the consumer purchases a plan that pays for damages ensued by a natural disaster. Flooding is another aspect that requires additional coverage. 

Details about liability coverage

Personal liability coverage goes far when you are sued for damages. Your homeowners' insurance policy can provide legal representation that ensures you are fairly defended and not susceptible to an excessive payout. Liability coverage does not, of course, pay for instances where your neglect led to an incident. You will need to make restitution for such cases from your personal funds. 

Robert Guerrero Insurance Services can help you find the homeowners' insurance policy that best fits your lifestyle. Contact one of our agents today for a quote!

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